Prioritize Universal Education among World's Biggest Tasks

From start I want to share my biggest idea with you, but as a preface I would like to express my opinion and idea about education in general.

Here are some links to some world's biggest challenges and problems:

As you can see Universal Education is one of the UN main goals. I believe it should have a special priority though since in my opinion better education in the world can help with all world's biggest challenges, like:

- environmental sustainability
- global collaboration, stopping wars and terrorism
- financial markets stability
- ending poverty and hunger
- human rights protection

Simple concept behind this idea is: Smarter people can solve their problems better than duller ones.
That is of course if you agree that education makes us smarter. Anyways, we should ensure it does.

I don't see any other big task which can help solve all world's biggest problems. Some of the humanity goals can even contradict each other: for example, ending hunger will definitely not help environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability by the way is definitely an exception due to it's highly urgent nature, it simply cannot wait for global universal education which has only long term impact. I will try to write about this topic as well.

(My main idea around this topic is - here)


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